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Ways To Prepare For The Upcoming Poker Series

Online Poker 2020 Tournaments

Online Poker Series

The online poker series is the talk of the town for most real money gamblers. It is a poker tournament that can turn players into instant millionaires should they win. As a result, many Aussies are making sure that they do the best that they can to prepare for the online poker series.

If you have been an online casino player for a while, then we are sure that you know how to prepare for any online games tournament. Seasoned real money gamblers know that the trick in getting the best out of online casino tournament is getting enough water, sleep as well as healthy snacks.

The 2020 online poker series is like no other that we have ever had before. One of the main reasons being that it is online. And as a result, only a few tournaments will offer Asia-Pacific friendly starting times. As the rest of the times are set for players in America and Europe.

For the Aussies who making travel arrangements to take part in the online poker series, we have a few ways that can help you with keeping up with the different time zones.

Online Poker Series Tournaments

There are three major events that are part of the online poker series. And one of those major events is already underway.

  1. PokerStars Stadium Series: July 5 – August 2 with 102 tournaments + $50 million in prize pool guarantee.
  2. WPT Online Poker Championships on PartyPoker: July 17 – September 8, with 36 WPT-branded tournaments and $100 million in total series grantee.
  3. WSOP Online 2020 International on Natural 8: 19 July – September 6, with 54 gold bracelet tournaments + $25K guarantee in the Main Event alone.

Online Poker Series Player Tips

If you are an Aussie who intends on playing in these events from an Asia-Pacific time zone, we have a few online poker series playing tops from the pros.

  1. Start New Sleep Schedule Early

    If you intend on playing in the online poker series from an Asia-Pacific time zone, we suggest that you start a new schedule early. And by early we mean ay lead a week beforehand. That way you are able to stay awake for th4e times that you can play the games.

  2. Have A Strong Exercise Routine

    Next, you needed to make sure that you have a strong exercise routine. That way you are able to stay healthy and fit as you play in the online poker series. With a healthy exercise routine, you are able to keep blood flowing and it will also allow you to focus intently on the task ahead.

  3. Healthy Diet

    You will also need to make sure that you have a healthy diet. That way you are healthy as you play throughout the online poker series. And since you will need to adjust to the different time zone playing schedule, a healthy diet us the best way to do so. Make sure that you do not skip any meals as well.

  4. Balance Your Emotions

    Be it you are playing online casino games or in the online poker tournament, keeping your emotions in check is essential. Do not get too excited or get too sad as well. Make sure to try and balance your emotions as this will help you to make informed decisions while you play in the tournament.

  5. Examine Hand Histories

    At times it is very hard to tell if you are having a good or bad game. As such, we suggest that you examine your hand histories with a friend after the game. This will help you to self-assess as well as balance your bankroll.

  6. Stay In Touch With Family And Friends

    Most likely, Aussies players will take part in the online poker series in a country other than Australia. As such, we would suggest that you stay in touch with family and friends. It will help you to ease off the stress and it will also keep them from worrying about you.

  7. Manage Your Bankroll

    In this case, your bankroll will go beyond the money that you will use in the poker tournament games. It will have to include your travel costs as well. As such, you need to make sure that you are on top of finances every step in the way.

  8. Take a Breather

    The main reason for your travel is to play in the poker tournament, as such, we know that your mind will be focussed on poker. But is also good to take a breather every now and again. Don’t over-poker, make sure to take a breather every now and again.


This is the first-ever online poker series that will be held online and for the whole world to take part in. Make sure that you take part in it if you are an Aussie Poker Pro as this may be your time to shine as well as win millions of dollars when you do. Follow these player tips to stay on top of your game and bring the gold back home.

Online Poker Series FAQs

There are three major tournaments:

  1. PokerStars Stadium Series
  2. WPT Online Poker Championships on PartyPoker
  3. WSOP Online 2020 International on Natural8

There are 192 minor tournaments combined. With 102 from the PokerStars Stadium series, 54 from the WSOP on Natural8 and 36 on PartyPoker for the WPT.
The gambling sites that are hosting the tournaments are PokerStars, PartyPoker for the WPT and Natural8 for the WSOP.
Form the PokerStars stadium series players can win up to $50 million, from the WPT $100 million and from the WSOP $25K.
The main reason why Aussies may have to travel to take part in the poker tournament is that PokerStars does not operate Australia, as such, you may need to go to another country, like New Zealand to take part in the tournament.

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